Greek meals delivered.

How it works.

  • Choose Your Items

    Select your meals and addons from our list of authentic Greek dishes

  • We Cook, Flash Freeze & Deliver

    We cook all of our traditional meals fresh using the finest ingredients

  • Receive Items

    Receive your meals and heat in the oven or microwave at your convenience

  • Enjoy & Repeat

    Enjoy your meals hot without a messy, long cleanup

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Only the best home cook Greek meals delivered to your door.

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    Classic Meals

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    Authentic Plates

  • B Greek At Home Pastitsio Dish


    Imported Greek bucatini pasta layered with seasoned meat sauce topped with creamy bechamel

    Order Pastichio 
  • B Greek At Home Shrimp Santorini Dish

    Shrimp Santorini

    Sautéed shrimp peppers and onions in a tomato ouzo-infused sauce with feta cheese, served with rice

    Order Shrimp Santorini 
  • B Greek At Home Mousaka Dish


    Layers of eggplant, potato, and seasoned meat sauce topped with creamy golden bechamel sauce

    Order Mousaka 
  • Soutzoukakia

    Seared spiced beef meatballs baked in garlic tomato sauce served with rice

    Order Soutzoukakia 
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    Vegetarian Dishes

  • Imam Baldi

    Stuffed eggplant with fresh onions, garlic, tomatoes and feta cheese and served with rice

    Order Imam Baldi 
  • B Greek At Home Spanakopita Dish


    Sautéed spinach, herbs, and feta layered between buttery golden filo dough

    Order Spanakopita 

Our meal service is the perfect solution for busy lives.

We offer a wide variety of healthy and delicious meals that can be easily reheated and eaten on the go. Perfect for busy families, working professionals, and anyone who wants to make their life a little easier.

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There are plenty of reasons to love home-cooked meals.

They’re usually healthier and tastier than takeout, and they give you a chance to bond with your family or friends over a shared experience.

One of the best things about our home-cooked meals is that you don’t need to go food shopping or cook to enjoy them. Simply order your authentic meals from B Greek At Home and enjoy these wonderful dishes when you please.

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Our process


We cook

all menu items are made fresh

Our meals are made with authentic ingredients and fresh herbs and spices. Every B Greek At Home meal is fresh-frozen, packed with flavor, and ready in minutes when you need it most, without the hassle of cooking and cleaning.


Flash freeze

no added preservatives retains cellular integrity

We flash freeze our meals to retain nutrients and preserve health. Flash-freezing means product is quickly frozen to avoid ice crystals from forming without the use of preservatives. Our goal is to ship the highest quality meals without compromising quality.


We deliver

to your door

All of our meals are made fresh and delivered on time. Our customers enjoy our meals with peace of mind knowing that we deliver.

Where it all started

We began as a family operated restaurant in Lynbrook, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does B Greek At Home's meal delivery service work?

Simply place your order for pick-up or delivery. You may pick up your order upon receiving your "Ready for Pickup" notification. If you select delivery, we’ll deliver your order – depending on when you order.

How much does B Greek At Home meal delivery service cost?

Our meals vary in price starting at $9.95 per meal.

When will your B Greek At Home meals be delivered?

We delivery our meals during the week.

What is the best method to heat up your B Greek At Home meals?

To reheat your meals, you may use a microwave or oven. Follow the instructions for each meal on the package.

Does B Greek At Home provide ingredients for its meals?

Yes! You may find the ingredients listed for each meal on the package.

We offer healthy home-cooked meals that can be reheated quickly and easily. The meal options are also varied and interesting, so we're sure you'll find something to suit your mood. Plus, the delivery service is convenient and reliable.

Our standards

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    The Best Ingredients

    We'll only cook with the freshest ingredients. Think best produce selected for flavor and nutrition, and sustainably sourced meats.

  • Innovative Freezing

    We use the latest flash-feezing technology without any added preservatives to retain cellular integrity.

  • Authentic Greek

    We're committed to offering authentic Greek dishes using family recipes passed down by generations.